Praise for Mountains community spirit after Hazelbrook car crash

A Woodford man has praised the Mountains' "true local spirit" after members of the community came to his aid when his car ended up through the window of a real estate agency in Hazelbrook on Saturday, November 14.

Clive Sargeant had entered the carpark at Hazelbrook shops when his accelerator became stuck.

"It all happened so quickly. I slammed into a stationary car then smashed though the window of Century 21 [real estate]. I was trapped as the car door could not open, but managed to climb out the back," the 68 year old said.

Immediately, people rushed in to help the man who was in shock.

"My first thought was 'who have I hurt or even killed,' as it was so busy at the shops," Mr Sargeant said.

Fortunately no-one else was injured.

Mr Sargeant said he appreciated the countless people who rushed in to help, such as a first aider, two nurses and others who made him comfortable, a coffee shop owner who brought him a coffee at no charge and 'Melissa', who contacted Mr Sargeant's wife and stayed with him until she arrived.

Even the owners of the damaged vehicle were not angry, but supportive, Mr Sargeant said. He said emergency services were so helpful, in particular Blue Mountains Police Senior Constable Shane Sanger.

The police officer said members of the community were quick to render assistance without thought for their own safety.

"The overwhelming concern for Mr Sargeant was demonstrated by the number of bystanders who went in to assist him whilst there would have been items of the building falling about them, with little regard to their own safety," Snr Const Sanger said.

He said the good working relationship between all emergency services ensured they could help all the people involved as quickly as possible.