Alison Rose: I like dogs

Celebrating Springwood's dogs in words and drawings

At first glance the intricate dog portraits by Alison Rose capture a likeness or a glimpse into the personality of the beloved pets of locals who visit the Springwood shops.

During the creation of this series, a deeper significance for this collection has developed for the Faulconbridge artist. This series has come to mean connection: connection of owners to their pets, connection to each other, and connection to the community.

"I love living in a small community where I can walk down the main street and see the same locals with their dogs," Rose said.

"Together they walk, go for coffee, meet other dogs and their families; sometimes, a dog waits patiently outside a shop for their owner to return, intently checking on every person that walks out.

"I often stop and chat to the pets and their owners. I love witnessing the owners blossom with joy and pride when another local appreciates their beautiful furry family members.

"Whilst working in the art shop on Macquarie Road in Springwood, some of these chats turned to pats, sometimes progressing to cute photographs and then ultimately into drawings. This process has led me to feel even more a part of my community through our shared experience, the adoration of our dogs.

"Using the humble ballpoint pen as my medium, I am consciously taking a very ordinary everyday tool and using it to re-examine our humble everyday experience with our pets. This way, I symbolically transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and offer these beautiful animals appreciation and love for the unique value they add to our lives."

These illustrations have even led to a storybook for pre schoolers and dog lovers alike. It is a simple story based on repetition, pattern and detailed drawings of dogs.

Alison Rose's Dogs of Springwood' exhibition is on at Braemer Gallery from January 21 to February 14 in Springwood. The gallery is open Thursday to Sundays from 10am to 4pm.

  • The book is available at: The Blackheath Creative - Blackheath, Mills and Beans - Leura, Blue Mountains Makers - Wentworth Falls, Chapter and Leaves - Faulconbridge, Picture it framed - Faulconbridge, Norman Lindsay Gallery - Faulconbridge, Colourart - Springwood, Turning Page bookshop - Springwood and Dymocks - Penrith.