New Blue Mountains podcast series highlights local adventurers

Linden resident and world-renowned adventure photographer Aidan Williams will feature in the first edition of a new podcast series - Adventure Shorts.

The series, produced by Sporting Chance Media, features interviews with guests from the greater Blue Mountains region, who share their unique stories from the world of adventure and the great outdoors.

In action: Photographer Aidan Williams is featured in the new podcast.

In action: Photographer Aidan Williams is featured in the new podcast.

After plying his trade as a young mainstream photographer, Aidan Williams took a leap into photographing highlining (slacklining). He has seen some of the most picturesque parts of the world. As an adventure photographer, with a passion for the outdoors and a determination to capture amazing moments, he has followed some of the world's leading highliners on their incredible journeys.

"Sharing those experiences with the team - the professional athletes - it's incredible," Williams said. "It's addictive, it really're doing what you love, with your friends doing what they love."

Adventure Shorts features four episodes, each based around one of Williams' memorable and unique adventures from behind the lens (Zakynthos, Eiffel Tower, Russia to Iran, Town of Asbestos).

For producer Jonathan Robinson-Lees - host of the Passion Perspective Podcast - it is about sharing local stories and hearing the insights from experts.

"Aidan's story is incredible, and it is one of many we have to tell from the local area," Robinson-Lees said.

"By focusing on a specific adventure for each episode we are able to hear all the intricate details, all the behind-the-scenes elements that often get missed."

Adventure Shorts can be found on Spotify and Apple podcasts, with episodes going live each Monday throughout January.

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