Online auction for Neil Buckingham's collection at Ellington Manor, Medlow Bath

From royal family memorabilia to glass statues, an online auction at Medlow Bath's Ellington Manor will be taking place until Saturday February 20 by Lawsons Auctioneers.

The contents of the auction are the collection of Neil Buckingham, who has lived in Ellington Manor for decades and spent his lifetime collecting a number of eclectic items, from statues and paintings to vases and figurines. The online event began on February 6 and will continue until February 21 at 7pm.

"The online event really gives people a chance to think about what they might want to buy before they get there on the day, a lot of people don't buy things on impulse," said Peter Reeves, who is conducting the sale on behalf of Mr Buckingham. "It also means that people who are collectors interstate and from other regional areas, who can't actually get to this auction, are able to be part of the auction process, which is very important, especially when there's a lot of very specialised collectibles in the auction."

After an item has been sold online, it will be collected at Ellington Manor in Medlow Bath the day after, with Lawsons offering transport options for buyers who cannot travel to the area.

There are currently over 400 items listed on the auction. While it is only the first week, bidders have already staked their claim on multiple items.

"There's lots of wonderful bronze sculptures," said Mr Reeves. "There's lots of Titanic collectibles. There are dozens of quite rare shaving mugs. There's a lot of royal family memorabilia going back to the end of the 19th century. Spectacular porcelain collection."

"I think the diversity of the collection is what makes it interesting and appealing to a wide range of people."