Terrance's passion for pushing human potential

Terrance Plowright is an internationally recognised artist and sculptor - twice awarded the Medici Medal, recipient of the Order of Australia Medal in 2019 for services to Visual Arts and numerous accolades along the way.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Passion & Perspective Podcast, the Blue Mountains artist identified one of the keys to his success in the arts is to challenge himself, striving for continual development and growth.

Terrance Plowright

Terrance Plowright

"I am probably the harshest critic of my work...there's a deep desire to always improve, to learn, to explore, to experiment...I am never in a place of satisfaction," he said.

"The beauty of doing that (taking on new projects), was that I was learning...I was learning new skills, I was learning new materials. Wholly and solely to develop a base from which I could then bounce off into new works feeling quite confident that I could implement all of these materials and skills."

The unique and influential works that Plowright has produced can be seen all around the world, one of which includes the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground bronze statues that stand proudly throughout the Moore Park complex.

"I am overjoyed that I had an opportunity to contribute to the SCG...I have a great love for cricket," he said.

"To be able to sculpt Richie Benaud, amongst others, was a dream come true...that was a childhood dream."

Plowright immerses himself into exploring human potential and the ability of art and creativity to transcend our day-to-day living inspires Terrance, which he feels is key to new openings.

"When you are open to possibility, life provides opportunity."

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