How to enhance your living spaces & express your personality

Express yourself: Molmic's Rydell Sofa and Bonnie Chair with Ottoman create a comforting space. Photo: Supplied.
Express yourself: Molmic's Rydell Sofa and Bonnie Chair with Ottoman create a comforting space. Photo: Supplied.

While colour and accessories may make a room sing, it is the furniture that anchors a room. In a living space, the style, proportions and choice of fabrics for sofas and chairs all speak volumes about the person you are.

It's important to choose carefully the key furniture pieces for your home.

Ask the experts for advice

Finding some professional advice when making decisions on your furniture pieces can really assist with your decisions and the expert interior designers at Thornton & Blake can help you make choices that you'll be delighted with for years to come.

Thornton & Blake interior designer Anne Hogarth believes that "making sure that the style and fabrics of furniture pieces work with all of the other decorative elements in a room is key to successful interior design - and that's where we can help."

Molmic - A fresh look for your living spaces

Molmic sofas and chairs can be the perfect piece to tie together your space. The ultimate in contemporary, relaxed design, Molmic create beautiful, comfortable, enduring sofas and lounge furniture for every type of lifestyle and living space.

Built with craftmanship and sustainability in mind

A family company, Molmic has been creating well-loved sofas in Australia since 1987. Molmic uses the traditional mortice and tenon technique to ensure joint strength, as well as hardwood blocks in corners for added strength. With their attention to detail and precision, Momic's in-house made frames are made to last.

Molmic furniture is built to stand the test of time, offering a 10-year warranty. They also use renewable materials in construction to minimise their carbon footprint.

Designed for you to sink into, it's true that you haven't really known luxury until you've experienced a Molmic.

You may opt for contemporary styling with contrast trim piping, timber plinth designs and bold fabric patterns. Or you might go for a more classic look with a slimline sofa design in muted and minimalist tones.

Whether you want a sofa that is formal and attention grabbing - a 'hero' piece in your room - or a more casual style that you can collapse onto at the end of a day, there are options for you in the Molmic range.

Interior designers at Thornton & Blake can show you a wide range of Molmic furniture, so you'll be sure to find the right pieces to complement you and your home's personality.

Your Molmic representative in the Blue Mountains

Thornton & Blake is proud to host the Molmic Gallery for the Blue Mountains, so come and see the Molmic range for yourself.

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