Councillor Mick Fell appointed chair of planetary health committee

Councillor Mick Fell and Mayor Mark Greenhill.
Councillor Mick Fell and Mayor Mark Greenhill.

Ward 3 Cr Mick Fell will chair a new committee that will help plan a major partnership with two universities in the Mountains.

Monash and Western Sydney Universities will establish formal relationships with Blue Mountains Council, using the former Katoomba golf course site as a leadership centre on planetary health. This is a relatively new field examining human-caused disruptions on the Earth's natural systems

"Following both Monash and Western Sydney universities signing a memorandum of understanding with the council, work is commencing to make this proposal a reality," said Mayor Mark Greenhill.

The mayor took a resolution to council establishing the committee with the Labor councillor as its chair.

"I chose Cr Fell because he has done more than anyone to bring the concept and the parties to the point of discussion. His work has helped lead to the proposition now commencing. Cr Fell's role needs to be recognised," he said.

"This plan will see exciting use of the site with great potential benefit for the Blue Mountains community and beyond. This is something the Blue Mountains has needed for a very long time."


Cr Fell said "this concept has been a passion of mine and I am so pleased it is happening".

The mayor praised the role of CEO, Dr Rosemary Dillon, and council's executive leadership team in "bringing this to a point of fruition".

"Dr Dillon and I will now work together on a report to council that outlines the broader membership of this committee, as well as the terms of reference and what are the next steps in bringing the leadership centre to life."