Glenbrook Swim Club swimmers compete at Australian Age Swimming Championships

It's been an amazing first half the year for Glenbrook Swim Club as three of its swimmers qualified for the 2021 Australian Age Swimming Championships held at the Gold Coast last week, April 5-12.

The three swimmers were: Evie Bullock (13-years-old), Jade Sharpe (13-years-old) and Hunter Kelly (14-years-old).

The qualifying times were incredibly difficult to achieve, with only 20-40 swimmers across the whole country, from each age group, qualifying for each event.

Between the three, they competed in seven races, achieving seven personal best times (PB) and finished higher than their rankings in every race.

Jade had a big PB and placed 21st in the 13 year girls 200m breaststroke, Hunter swam a 13 second PB and finished 15th in the 14 year boys 800m freestyle and Evie placed 8th in the final of the 13 year girls 200m butterfly.

"It's an incredible achievement to make it to the championships," said Glenbrook Swim Club President Adam Bullock.

"It is a great result.

"They did themselves and the club proud."

The swimmers were all coached by Mountain Swim, who operate all the swim coaching in the mountains at Glenbrook, Springwood and Katoomba pools.

The championships are the national competition for junior swimmers in Australia.