Greens launch petition opposing wildlife park for Wentworth Falls

An online petition against a multi-million dollar wildlife park and hotel development proposed for Wentworth Falls has been launched, upping the ante in local opposition to the plan.

Greens MP Cate Faehrmann visited the site on Saturday with Blue Mountains Greens Councillor Brent Hoare.

Alongside Ward 1 Greens candidate Sarah Redshaw and Ward 3 candidate Kingsley Liu, the Greens are calling for the community to write to NSW planning minister Rob Stokes about the Bodington Hill proposal.

The Blue Mountains Greens launched an online petition last week at and are urging people to sign on to register their opposition to the development.

"The Croc Park (as it was originally known) is just the wrong idea, in the wrong place," said Cr Hoare.

Greens MP and environment spokesperson Cate Faehrmann said: "Since the original proposal 30 years ago that was fought all the way to the Supreme Court, the Greater Blue Mountains has been declared a World Heritage area and is internationally recognised for its ecological and cultural value. That's why the local community is ready to fight again now that this zombie development application is back.

"Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the Mountains every year to appreciate the pristine wilderness and abundance of wildlife. This development is already responsible for the loss of native vegetation after clearing two years ago, despite the fact it hasn't even been granted approval and no environmental impact statement has taken place," she said.

"Beautiful bushland is being wrecked for the sake of another big developer's bottom line. I'm prepared to stand with the local community to stop this ridiculous project going ahead."

Cr Hoare said it was important to understand "this is not some kind of animal rescue centre, it is simply an oversized fancy hotel trying to use native wildlife as a draw card for short-stay tourists that are very unlikely to be spending significant sums of money in the broader community".

"This was a bad idea when it was first proposed in 1989, now it is simply absurd," he said.

Concept plans released this year revealed the wildlife park will house a 12 metre high, 56-room five star hotel with animals view suites, dining and conference facilities, as well as parking for 250 cars and eight coaches. It plans to open 363 days a year and offer 1155 jobs during construction and 150 jobs from zookeepers to vets and cleaners when in operation.

The proposal has been deemed "state significant" so will bypass Blue Mountains City Council approval.