Green power at Katoomba bottle shop

The Katoomba Dan Murphy's is no longer just green by its trademark signature colour - it has now been fitted out with 222 solar panels to reduce the store's environmental footprint and cut energy costs.

"We are making our stores more sustainable, and energy use is a big part of our efforts. Approximately 15 percent of our stores across the country are now switched to solar," said Dan Murphy's national renewal operations manager, Tyson Holbery.

Katoomba Dan Murphy's gets solar.

Katoomba Dan Murphy's gets solar.

The roof of the Katoomba store has been powered with a solar system with 220 panels, which will not only reduce energy use but cut energy costs.

"The system is estimated to generate enough solar energy to offset more than 26 per cent of the store's annual power consumption and save approximately 107 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually," Mr Holbery said.

So far, the 36 solar-powered Dan Murphy's stores across the country have generated more than 4,140 MWh electricity which is the equivalent of the average electricity use of more than 725 households. More stores are being rolled out with solar panels.

Dan Murphy's Katoomba store manager, Melissa Stone, said the team was excited about the store's switch to solar.

"Our team of Blue Mountains locals is excited that we are using that sunshine to directly power our store and they feel proud to work for a company that is investing in renewable energy," Ms Stone said.

"The customers at our Katoomba store are really passionate about sustainability, which is why organic and sustainable wines are particularly popular here, so I think the locals will be thrilled to hear that our store is powered by solar."