Lake Lyell stocked with 1000 Tiger trout as part of three year NSW fishing trial

Anglers of the Mountains will be delighted.

To maintain pest control in the waterways and provide recreational fishing to keen anglers, 1000 Tiger trout were released into Lake Lyell on the outskirts of Lithgow on June 21.

The stocking is part of a three year trial for NSW freshwater recreational fishing, Wallerawang Central Acclimatisation Society branch secretary Ray Tang said.

"We hope these hybrid fish will help maintain Red Fin stocks at the same time providing both exotic sporting fish for the recreational anglers, bringing tourism to the area."

He said Tiger trout are triploid, a sterile hybrid between a female brown trout and a male brook trout. "They do occur occasionally in the wild where brook trout and brown trout co-exist but it is rare." Tiger trout were known to be piscivorous, which means they eat fish. "This makes them an ideal species for controlling pest species such as Redfin and mosquito fish."

The fish released were between 170mm and 250mm in length and came from DPI's Gaden Trout Hatchery.