Voice of Real Australia: Country blokes are better than their city counterparts

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Country music legends Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings might have sang the line "mammas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys". But thank goodness those mammas didn't listen.

Some women like surfers, some like sportsmen, but for me there is nothing better than a man in wranglers, dusty boots and working hands to sooth the soul.

With the ever-popular television series Farmer Wants a Wifeset to hit our screens again this week, it begs the question: Are country men better than their city counterparts?

Let's look at the facts (my facts). Firstly country blokes are jacks-of-all-trades. They can fix a fence, fridge, car, nail together a high heel shoe and if country songs are anything to go by, they can mend a broken heart.

City boys are lucky to be able to turn on a light switch.

Country lads can literally bring home the bacon - they can skin it, dice it and cook it up on the camp oven to dish it up for dinner in the same day. City boys know how to order kale infused spatchcock from the Uber eats menu.

While we are on the subject, a city boy might be able to round up an Uber, but can they muster a mob of feral goats?

When a country boy wears R.M. Williams boots, he wears it for a good reason, not just for his fan page or to keep up with the latest fashion.

Country boys are tough as teak and even after a big night out they are more than happy with camping in their swag in the back of their ute, while a city boy is texting frantically to find the nearest five star hotel.

City boys know how to quaff their hair and groom their beard perfectly with the right moisturiser so it looks symmetric.

But give me a country bloke any day with his natural musk from a hard days work in the paddock with a dash of Rexona or Old Spice (as the slogan says "if you're grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist").

City boys have designer beers with double decaf soy almond milk lattes while a country boy likes their respective beverages just cold or hot.

A country bloke knows what he wants. He doesn't second guess himself or is worried about keeping up with what's in vogue with the political correct masses.

They are old fashioned and chivalry is certainly not dead when you go out with them.

They put a coat across your shoulder on a cold night and open the door while city men are confused about whether they are even 'allowed' to pay for dinner.

It's no wonder these city gals are signing up for farming love shows to nab themselves a real man, a salt of the earth country man.

But with a good man drought in a lot of rural regional centres, it's a number's game and we country girls don't want to share. So shhh ladies, this is our secret, lets keep this one to ourselves.

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