Artist Vanessa Joret offers a creative way to get through lockdown

Vanessa Joret outside her Woodford studio.
Vanessa Joret outside her Woodford studio.

There's a big myth that certain people have the gift of being able to draw and if you missed out that's just your bad luck and you'll never be able to do it.

But Vanessa Joret has been debunking that myth for more than 18 years, teaching many people, from children to adults of all ages, how to draw - most of them starting out as absolute raw beginners.

"I've had people who have said to me, 'You would never be able to teach me, I can't even do stick figures, I'm really hopeless, I would be your ultimate challenge'," she said. "They come and they've learned how to draw and they're astounded and they go home with artwork that their family and friends go 'Oh my word, I can't believe you did that!'."

Mrs Joret has always had a great passion for sharing her love of drawing

"It's very special to help someone discover and develop their creative ability. It's a lovely journey to go on," she said.

The misconception that it takes special talent to draw well has always been one of the biggest challenges to overcome - it often stops people before they have even started.

When COVID-19 struck last year, Mrs Joret faced a new challenge. Like many other small local businesses, she had to stop her in-person lessons. Prior to COVID, these classes took place at her home studio in Woodford where students would learn to draw surrounded by nature, with sounds of her ducks and chickens outside and her cat and dogs happily wandering in and out of the classroom.

Vanessa Joret

Vanessa Joret

During lock-down last year Mrs Joret took the opportunity to create a new online course that encapsulates the relaxing and fun learning atmosphere her in-person classes often nurtured.

"I wanted to create something that would give people a nice creative place to escape to. Something that would be suitable for raw beginners as well as those with some drawing experience," she said.

Creating art is a great way for people to deal with the anxiety and stress of lockdown.

Vanessa Joret has created a special discount on her online drawing course of 20 per cent off your first month. Visit her website and checkout using the code ESCAPE.: