NSW lockdown rules explained for you

An hour's exercise is OK.But where do you do it? Photo: Marina Neil
An hour's exercise is OK.But where do you do it? Photo: Marina Neil

NSW was plunged into a seven-day lockdown on Saturday evening and the stay-at-home orders state everyone must only leave if there is a "reasonable excuse" to do so.

So exactly what does that even mean?

What is a reasonable excuses to leave home

People are allowed to exit to buy essential goods and services, attend work and education, for medical or caring reasons - such as getting a COVID shot - to exercise, and to drop off or pick-up children from care services, regardless of where they are located.

What about shopping and exercise?

Exercise and shopping can be undertaken anywhere in your local government area, or 5km from your home if you have to go beyond that zone.

With shopping, people can travel further if the food, goods or services "are not reasonably available locally", according to NSW Health.

Only one person per household may leave to shop, however unattended dependents can also go.

People may exercise with one other person they don't live with, or their nominated visitor as per the "singles bubble" where an adult who lives alone can elect a visitor from within the same local government area (LGA). If you live with more than two other people, you are allowed to exercise as a group.


What about travelling?

People can only travel by car with people they live with, unless for an emergency, compassionate or care reason, or the vehicle is being used as a taxi.

Car pooling with people you do not live with is allowed if required for work, or with a nominated visitor.

People must carry proof of address when exercising and provide it to police if asked.

People must have a mask with them outdoors at all times, wearing it in all indoor, non-residential areas. Masks are also required at certain outdoor gatherings and on public transport.

What if I need to entering Victoria

NSW residents can travel across the Murray River for work and school provided they cannot carry out duties in their home state by being able to operate at home.

They must also have a Service Victoria border permit when they travel south.

What happens if I have to go the office?

Employers must allow their employees to work from home if possible. If people cannot work from home, they must wear a face mask at all times at their workplace.

Can anyone visit my home?

People can only accept visitors to their home for permitted work, childcare, parental arrangements for children under 18, to assist with moving residence, for an emergency, or to inspect a property for lease or purchase.

You are also allowed to visit a home, or have someone visit you, for compassionate reasons such as providing care, or visiting a person you are in a relationship with but don't live with.

What happens if I'm not living at home right now?

People in temporary accommodation must stay until the booking expires. Then they must either travel home or to another accommodation venue where the stay-at-home rules will still apply.

Outdoor gatherings can be how many people?

Outdoor gatherings are limited to two people. There are a number of instances where this rule doesn't apply, including work, education, care, emergencies and more.

What about weddings, funerals and places of faith?

People cannot attend a wedding. No more than 10 can be at a funeral, including at outdoor services or wakes. Places of worship must not open, however services may be live-streamed.