Best videos from across Australia for September 24, 2021

BEST OF THE WEEK: Streets crumble in Melbourne after an earthquake, surviving the Ruby Princess, and a snake found in a primary school construction site.
BEST OF THE WEEK: Streets crumble in Melbourne after an earthquake, surviving the Ruby Princess, and a snake found in a primary school construction site.

This week's news literally shook us.

Between earthquakes, riots and the ongoing COVID-19 situation, there's been moments this week when we in the Australian Community Media video team took our heads in our hands and simply asked, 'what's next'?

Even in the midst of all the uncertainty though, there were some moments that inspired us.

Here are the videos that kept us buzzing this week:

Shake it off

The 5.8-magnitude earthquake was felt all over the country - from Tasmania to South Australia and all over NSW and Victoria.

But nowhere was the earth tremor more pronounced or potentially more terrifying than on the Mount Buller snow slopes.

Unsuspecting skiers and snowboarders were forced to leg it down the mountain as the ground literally shook beneath them.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported and the movement did not dislodge an avalanche, but what an experience it would have been! Once in a lifetime, hopefully.


Onboard the Ruby Princess

Henry Karpik has journeyed across the world on many cruise ships, but his experience onboard the Ruby Princess will be the one he'll never forget.

After docking in Sydney in March 2020, Mr Karpik fell dangerously ill. He was rushed to hospital and spent the next month unconscious on life support.

His family was told to start preparing for his funeral.

When he woke up a month later, he was informed that he had contracted a very serious illness onboard the cruise.

It later turned out that virus was in fact the fatal COVID-19, and as the nurse told the recovering Mr Karpik while he lay in his hospital bed, that he did not die made him "a very lucky man".

Now, 18 months later Mr Karpik is fully vaccinated but still feeling the horrible effects of the virus.

"If I could have had the vaccine before going on the ship, I would have," he told ACM.

His message to anyone who is hesitant on the vaccine is simple: "Get the jab. Don't put your family through what I put mine through".


Snakes in a school

A group of tradies at a primary school in Brisbane had quite the shock when they opened their tool bag to find a six-foot eastern brown snake curled up inside.

Thankfully, the quick-thinking tradies avoided incident by calling snake catcher, Tanzen Lilith, in to deal with the situation.

The owner of Southside Snake Services has been working with slithering reptiles for 25 years.

"He was pretty cute in there," Tanzen Lilith, from Southside Snake Services, said.

"They saw it go into a box, and just as well. Can you imagine putting a hand in there to grab a tool."

Ms Lilith coaxed the snake into a bag and released it on Spring Mountain.


The Forgotten River through the camera lens

In case you missed it, last week ACM released its biggest and most ambitious multimedia project.

The Forgotten River documentary saw us travel across the footprint of the Darling River, meeting the communities that live on its banks.

This week, we went behind-the-scenes with photographer Dion Georgopoulos to see the mighty Darling River through the camera lens.


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