Back in Business: The Velvet Fog

We all know that vinyl is the preserve of the thinking, discerning, sophisticated music fan - of which there are of course plenty in the Blue Mountains. Just as well then that premier record store, The Velvet Fog, has reopened its doors after lockdown.

The Katoomba institution welcomed back browsers on Tuesday, 12 October. Customers are now able to delve into the The Velvet Fog's plentiful and eclectic stores of vinyl - sweet, delicious vinyl with its immediately recognisable smell and touch - as well as a special section devoted exclusively to local artists.

"It was a great feeling to welcome back our wonderful music-loving and creative community," said co-owner Peter Wright. "Our customer response has been really positive with many expressing how glad they are that we managed to survive the lockdown.

"Customers have relished the opportunity to browse through the thousands of vinyl records and have been making up for lost time with their purchases.

"We would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who supported us during the lockdown and who have come out to support us in-person since re-opening."

The Velvet Fog can be found across the road from the train station in Katoomba, at 1/76 Bathurst Road. The shop is open 10am to 5pm, Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday.