Fresh faces to join council

Mark Greenhill and Nyree Fisher: Councillors-elect for Ward 4.
Mark Greenhill and Nyree Fisher: Councillors-elect for Ward 4.

Up to six new councillors may be joining Blue Mountains Council after a landslide by the Labor Party in Saturday's elections.

The ALP topped the vote in all four wards, with the man who has been mayor since 2013, Mark Greenhill, pulling in almost two-thirds of the vote with 65.2 per cent in Ward 4 at the foot of the Mountains.

The result will ensure his number two running mate, local teacher Nyree Fisher, is one of the new faces on council.

Another will be someone more familiar to Mountains residents - former state MP, Liberal Roza Sage, who drew 30 per cent of the first preference vote in Ward 3, behind Labor's Mick Fell with 39 per cent.

Ms Sage told the Gazette: "It is a great honour, which I don't take lightly, to have the confidence of the Ward 3 community to be elected as their representative on council.

"The Blue Mountains is a great place to live but let's make it even better by getting council to do the basics that people deserve and ask for."

Two others who have definitely been elected are both in Ward 1. Suzie van Opdorp and her team garnered 46 per cent of the vote and will represent the Labor Party.

Sarah Redshaw was successful for the Greens.

Ms van Opdorp said: "We've had an extraordinary result over the weekend. I am genuinely thrilled and thank Ward 1 residents for their faith in me as their elected representative.

"This result indicates to me that the Blue Mountains values strong and progressive leadership."

Ms Redshaw noted the Greens picked up a slightly higher first preference vote than in 2016.

"That's really encouraging. I think people are concerned about the state of our world heritage national park under the Liberals.

"We're very pleased to have got a solid vote [in Ward 1] and we're in contention still [in Wards 2 and 3].

"This gives us the opportunity to push further on climate action and other issues."

Ms Fisher, a mother of three young boys, said she wanted to show her children "that this is something that can be done and it's an important role to have".

Cr-elect Greenhill said the result in Ward 4 was a "shock".

"I'm still getting my head around it. This is a stunning result but humbling. It highlights the work we have to do and the trust placed in us. We must honour that trust."

The councillors who have definitely been elected are: Ward 1 - Suzie van Opdorp (ALP) and Sarah Redshaw (Greens); Ward 2 - Romola Hollywood (ALP); Ward 3 - Mick Fell (ALP) and Roza Sage (Lib); Ward 4 - Mark Greenhill and Nyree Fisher (ALP).

The other five councillor positions will be determined by preferences which will be distributed this week.