Podcast: Eating more kangaroo meat could be key to managing the national animal

Kangaroos are everywhere -- literally and symbolically -- they're on our coat of arms and are a symbol of Australia used to market this country all over the world.

Roos are unique to this country, but some people argue that they're uniquely mismanaged -- slaughtered on farms with little oversight or regard to animal welfare, hit by cars, or exploding in numbers during wet years followed by millions dying of starvation in the dry years. One minute they're being culled, the next minute, protected.

There's an estimated 50 million kangaroos in Australia. Picture: Supplied.

There's an estimated 50 million kangaroos in Australia. Picture: Supplied.

It's a shameful situation which appears to be getting worse. There are people, though, who reckon that we should be eating them, and that that would help the kangaroo in the long run. They're also a source of low-emission, native red meat.

The commercial kangaroo industry exists, but it's plagued with controversy and a fraction of the size its proponents argue it could be.

Roo harvesting divides Australians but there's evidence that a regulated commercial industry could be the best thing for ensuring a sustainable kangaroo population.

Even critics of the industry agree the current state of kangaroo management needs to change.

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This story Should we eat our national animal? first appeared on The Canberra Times.