Chant 'horrified' by NSW COVID-19 parties

Omicron can
Omicron can "still cause serious consequences", NSW's Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant says.

The NSW premier and chief health officer have advised people to avoid large household gatherings amid suggestions people were throwing "COVID parties" with the intention of catching the virus.

While Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant indicated research suggested half the state's residents could contract COVID-19 in a wave that has already infected more than 500,000 people in the past month, she and the premier strongly advised people not to deliberately try and catch the virus.

"From time to time people will do the wrong thing but I say, if you're thinking about having one of these parties, don't have one. Follow the guidance that we've provided," Premier Dominic Perrottet said on Friday.

"Minimise household visitations and minimise large household gatherings."

Mr Perrottet said he was pleased "99 per cent of people across NSW are doing the right thing".

Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant was "really horrified" to learn people could be deliberately trying to get infected.

"Although we've talked about Omicron being a milder disease, it can still cause serious consequences," Dr Chant said.

"I would hate to have a situation where people were knowingly exposing themselves to any COVID virus.

"Please keep yourself safe and take those precautions."

There are currently no limits on the number of people allowed in a household, or requirements for them to be vaccinated.

Australian Associated Press