Twins start school in Blue Mountains

If you thought you were seeing double at Wentworth Falls and Lapstone Public Schools last week, you wouldn’t have been wrong.

On Thursday, Wentworth Falls Public School welcomed three sets of twins to start their exciting first day of school.

Principal Michele Hedge said parents had been letting their kids try on their school uniforms and school shoes weeks before so they would feel more at ease for the big day.

But twin Jacob Partington admitted he’d been “too excited to sleep” the night before.

Mrs Hedge said “we love the excitement the twins bring to the school”.

“They [the school’s newest and youngest students] come in often not knowing a lot and by the end of the year they’re reading, writing and counting.”

She said “there must be something in the water” in Wentworth Falls because two years ago the school had four sets of twins starting kindergarten.

On Friday at the other end of the Mountains at Lapstone Public School, identical twins Lacey and Kya Pagan-Brown and Samuel and Luke Roberts eagerly arrived for their first day of kindergarten with non-identical twins Abbie and Oliver Ross.

Principal Dianne Knight said this takes the school’s current twins tally to seven sets and six of the seven sets are identical.

“I’ve been at the school for just over five years and I can’t remember ever having so many twins.

“The way we lead children into learning in the 21st century has altered greatly from when our kindergarten parents attended school.

“They will see that our youngest students embrace technology with such confidence.”

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