New Year hunch spot on

Danielle Van Agten of Hazelbrook had more than a hunch that adorable little Adrian would be born on New Year’s Day at Katoomba Hospital.

And her husband John and their elder son Emmett, 3, are delighted she was proven right.

“It was fantastic Adrian was the first baby born in the Blue Mountains this year,” Mr Van Agten said on Friday.

“It means he’ll have a guaranteed party [with fireworks] every year and will never have to work on his birthday when he grows up.”

Mrs Van Agten said there was a range of predicted dates for the birth given by medical professionals spanning a 10-day period from December 30 to January 8, but she just had a “gut feeling” it would be on New Year’s Day.

“I just felt it would be around mid-afternoon on January 1 — so he was three hours late on my guess,” she said.

“The doctor at the hospital gave me a big smile and said ‘I don’t like it when patients are right!’

“He and all the staff and midwives at Katoomba Hospital were absolutely fantastic.

“As soon as I arrived there I felt relaxed, I had my own room and it blew me away how calm and organised the staff were.

“I stayed at the hospital for two days and since then I’ve had a midwife over twice and a community nurse to help out — I really appreciate that one-on-one care.”

Mr Van Agten said the staff were “attentive, professional and very informative”.

“They were very good, they were on top of it and that made it stress free.

“I think a lot of parents still don’t realise that Katoomba Hospital’s maternity unit is fully operational and you can get caesarean procedures done there.”

Adrian was delivered by caesarean section and weighed 3.625kg and is feeding and sleeping particularly well.

“He’s a really chilled out baby who sleeps a lot and really loves a cuddle,” Mrs Van Agten said.

“And Emmett is being a really good older brother — all his friends are going to the beach during these school holidays but he understands he can’t go right now and just says, ‘that’s okay mummy’.”

Mr Van Agten said Adrian has a calm aura about him.

“You pick him up and you just automatically feel better,” he said.

Danielle, John and Emmett Van Agten with Adrian last Friday, who was born at Katoomba Hospital on January 1.

Danielle, John and Emmett Van Agten with Adrian last Friday, who was born at Katoomba Hospital on January 1.


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