Stormi-Lee Poulton nominated for

In Stormi-Lee Poulton’s kindergarten class at Lawson Public School mistakes are valuable tools of learning.

The 25-year-old Glenmore Park resident has received more than 35 nominations from current and previous students, and their parents, for a national top teacher award, despite only being in the profession for three years.

“I’ve been blessed with the variety of students I’ve taught,” Miss Poulton said.

“It’s such an important job. I always wanted to be a teacher.”

Eight per cent of the 235 students at Lawson Public are Indigenous, and Miss Poulton has worked hard on programs for Aboriginal kids.

“I always put my classroom first, if all my kids are happy I can start looking at the whole school level … through the Indigenous program we are running.”

Miss Poulton took over the Aboriginal education programs at the start of this year working on reconciliation week, a visit to Katoomba High to see their transition programs for Indigenous children, a bush tucker afternoon tea and many other special days to help “bridge the gap in general”.

Miss Poulton said her own mother was a teacher and had had a big influence on her life as a child and student of hers.

Last year the national A Day Made Better Teaching Awards [] received 39,000 nominations, recognising teachers who have made an impact of students’ lives in and out of the classroom.

Nominations are open until June 25. The ten winning teachers receive more than $6,000 worth of prizes for their school, including arts and crafts materials and an iPad. They will be notified in September.