Not a patch on Rhonda!

Well-known quilter Rhonda Pearce
Well-known quilter Rhonda Pearce

Glenbrook patchwork quilter, Rhonda Pearce, has made quite a name for herself over the years as a prize-winning stitcher. 

Taking the opportunity to take her quilts to the world, Pearce has won may international awards. 

Her most recent success has been at the 2017 Paducah (USA) International Spring Quilt Show, where she took home third prize in the First Time Entrant section, for her quilt, Monique’s Mozaic. 

The quality of these events is well recognised and few have been able to match Ms Pearce’s success at a number of shows. 

Her quilt Monique’s Mozaic is made up of tiny hexagons and took hundreds of hours to complete using hand piecing and quilting. 

Ms Pearce’s greatest success was in 2013 when one of her quilts won 1st prize in the traditional applique section for her Classic Baltimore at the International Show in Houston, Texas. 

The coveted prize of viewers choice for her beautiful Baltimore quilt gave her the most satisfaction, as it is an indicator of the way other patchworkers see her work. 

Ms Pearnce had operated the renowned patchwork shop, Post Office Patchwork, and many of the ladies she has had as customers and students through the shop were on hand in Houston to share her triumph. 

These ladies are part of the “Cocktail Quilters” that are based in the Lower Mountains. 

There are many talented and dedicated patchworkers among the group, and this year theyare putting on a show to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation and breast cancer care. 

Ms Pearce’s quilts will highlight the show, but the quality of work on display from all quilters would do justice to some of the major shows found around the world. 

The Cocktail Quilters’ 2017 Quilt Show will be on the weekend of July 22-23 at the Glenbrook Public School hall, in Woodville Street, Glenbrook. 

A beautiful double bed quilt and a painting by a local artist will be prizes of a fundraising raffle. Post Office Patchwork will have a trading table at the show and refreshments are available.