Cold winds keep temperatures down

Cold winds have kept temperatures low all day across the Mountains but the predicted snow had yet to appear as at 4.30pm.

There were very light snow flurries this morning in Blackheath but none of the snow, which was forecast down to 900 metres.

Winds, however, whipped cold air across the area. Katoomba at 9am felt like -6.4 degrees and Springwood felt like just 6 at the same time.

At Mt Boyce, near Blackheath, the afternoon apparent temperature was -6.6.

Snow was reported at Oberon this morning.

At 2.45pm, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe weather warning for the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Blue Mountains, Illawarra, South Coast and southern ranges for the rest of Friday.

But winds are expected to ease in most areas tonight.

In the Mountains tomorrow it should be partly cloudy. Katoomba is expected 3-10 degrees, and Springwood 7-15. Sunday is likely to be the pick of the weekend days.