Meant to be: The heartwarming story behind a Brisbane couple's auction win

Chris Safonoff and Patrice Bowen were on the lookout for a home to start and raise their family.

Once they came across the deceased estate at 24 Newington Street in Tarragindi they felt like it was meant to be.

The mothers of both Ms Bowen and the vendor were named Dulcie, and both women passed away within the same month.

"Both Dulcies are looking down on us," Ms Bowen said. "We liked to say they were talking to each other saying help Chris get the house," Mr Safonoff added, laughing.

Dulcie Robson, the former owner of the house, lived there since1956 until she died. The home was likea time capsule, containing original features and even an old CRT television.

When it came down to bidding for the shabby 1950s house, the eventual winners set themselves out from the pack early.

Mr Safonoff put down the initial bid of $650,000, and superseded each other offer as soon as it was placed.

The house went on the market towards the $700,000 mark and sold for $750,000.

The couple were happy with the price they paid, as they felt they had found a long-term home for their future family.

"When you look at a house as a 10-year plan, [an extra] $20,000 isn't that much of a difference," Mr Safonoff said.

"We like the elevation, the quiet street and the state schools are good too," Ms Bowen said. "But the character put the icingon the cake."

The couple, both construction managers at Lendlease, will take about a year to draw up the plans for the house and then set to work.

"Initially we'll probably rent it out while we're getting our plans sorted," Ms Bowen said.

Earlier in Red Hill, a low maintenance family home went under the hammer.

Space Property's Judi O'Dea said frenzied bidding pushed the price up quickly.

"The opening bid was $1.2 million and it moved along swiftly," she said. "We had five bidders getting involved"

The home eventually sold for $1.4 million, to a phone bidder on a fishing trip in Cairns.

"He wanted a low maintenance house," Ms O'Dea said. "This home is only seven years old and in very good condition.

"It has a very sensible floor plan for families."

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