Soul Secrets exhibition at Blue Mountains Food Co-op

Sharing a secret with strangers can be liberating, and discovering the secret thoughts of others can make us feel less alone.

That’s the concept behind artist Jessica Raschke’s interactive exhibition, Soul Secrets, currently installed in Ha’penny Lane outside the Blue Mountains Food Co-op. 

“I’m really interested in what makes life meaningful for people and often that’s things that sit deep within us and sometimes it can be very private, intimate ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes… things that you might even bury a bit deeper as a secret,” said Ms Raschke.

“They can be really formative and shape the sense of who you are. I’m interested in giving people a chance to release that in a public sense but also a chance for passers by to chance upon these deep intimate parts of others and realise that there’s a real universality.” 

Soul Secrets invites people to reflect on the secrets already shared, and to add their own by writing it anonymously on one of the tags suspended on string in the exhibition.

After showings in Nowra and Bowral, Ms Raschke has found themes of love, loss, and regret are common, alongside “as well as really whimsical cheeky things. And that’s all part of human nature as well”. 

In its Katoomba showing, Ms Raschke is looking forward to exploring “how the themes might be different, or I expect how similar they are which again is another affirmation for me that we all have very similar hopes and dreams.” 

Co-op education co-ordinator Prue Adams said “most people know the co-op as a place to buy fresh and bulk organic produce and eco-friendly products”.

“Less well known is that as a community owned not-for-profit co-operative, it’s also committed to supporting projects that build community health and wellbeing. Soul Secrets is an exhibition that prompts people to stop and reflect, share something, and maybe even strike up a conversation with someone. It’s a lovely way to promote community connection.” 

Soul Secrets runs until Tuesday, October 24. For more details visit