Shaken not stirred: Bond themes performed in Katoomba

Penelope Sai: Will sing some of the greatest James Bond theme songs at the Baroque Room on February 24.
Penelope Sai: Will sing some of the greatest James Bond theme songs at the Baroque Room on February 24.

Lovers of the greatest James Bond themes will be in their element in Katoomba on Saturday, February 24.

Blue Mountains performer Penelope Sai will deliver an inspiring and classy performance of the classic songs against a luxurious visual backdrop at The Baroque Room.

Opening with the famous instrumental theme from the very first Bond film, Dr No starring Sean Connery and Ursula Andress, the show goes on to cover 20 of the most loved James Bond theme tunes. Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, Diamonds Are Forever and Thunderball are some of the tracks that fill the first half of the performance as the show unfolds.

Most of the memorable theme songs have been reimagined on Sai’s new recording, Penelope Sai Sings 007, with an accomplished group of musicians bringing their distinctive vibe to the project with a thrilling, live-club feel, and adding super-slick Latin spin. Horn and violin soloists bring extra pizzazz, playing out those famous Bond hooks that give added depth and flair to the unique sound that composer John Barry originally created for Ian Fleming's spy novels. 

Whist the songs have been rearranged and changed up, they stay true to the beautiful melodies and dramatic feel of the original tunes. Sai’s voice captures the excitement and seduction as she makes these songs her own. In between the vocal performances the 007 styled, impeccably dressed band will perform instrumental interludes giving Sai time for glittery costume changes. 

Combined with close-ups and edits of images evocative of the spy films, the set will capture the feel of each era keeping it sexy, dramatic and seductive.

The second half of Shaken Not Stirred kicks off from the late 1970s with the themes from The Spy Who Loved Me (Nobody Does it Better), Moonraker and For Your Eyes Only blending together as a musical medley, with visuals capturing the ultra-smooth Roger Moore in action. The set moves on to 1980s Bond films, including A View to a Kill, A Licence to Kill and GoldenEye, with instrumentals for the Octopussy and Casino Royale tracks taking the audience to a dramatic finale of Skyfall.

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