Stop Adani film attracts a big crowd in Springwood

The Hub in Springwood was filled to capacity for the GetUp Macquarie Action Group screening of a film about stopping the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland.

On June 30, the audience was inspired by the Stop Adani: A Mighty Force film about groups all around Australia who had banded together to stop this mine going ahead.

These were people who said, "Enough is enough." 

“We do not want 20,000 hectares of bushland, native animals, creeks, and waterways bulldozed.”

The crowd were entertained by singing group Ecopella's repertoire of environmental songs, and were informed by guest speaker, Dr Liz O’Brien from Doctors for the Environment, about particles in the air and their damage to our health.

“Did you know, for instance, that more people die from respiratory-related diseases than car accidents, yet money spent on car safety campaigns massively outweighs any money given to research for air quality?” said Julie Hawken from action group.

More than half of Queensland is in drought, yet the government has given Adani licence to suck 12 billion litres of water each year from rivers and artisan aquifers: enough water for every Queenslander for three years, Ms Hawken said.

The group will be hosting a series of films and everyone is welcome to attend.