Artistic impressions on the road

Artists’ lives can involve a lot of travel.

Artists’ lives can involve a lot of travel.

They travel to work with their sketchpads easels and cameras, they travel to hold their exhibitions around and sometimes outside their homeland, and they travel for meetings with other artists, gallerists and the media.

Anthony Cahill, one of the two artists in the exhibition On the Road, now showing at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood, travels each week between his two studios, one at Marrickville and one in his Blackheath home.

He has also recently held exhibitions in Tamworth, Sydney and Berlin.

Rhett Brewer, a Woodford resident and the other artist in On the Road, has also exhibited widely around Australia and overseas.

Brewer recently made two research trips – one to Mutawinjti National Park, in a very remote place north of Broken Hill, and later roads and landscapes in the drought stricken Liverpool Plains in central NSW.

Brewer also makes weekly trips to the galleries of Sydney where, along the way, he photographs the disappearing shops and streetscapes along Parramatta Road.

In this exhibition Brewer records the places he travels too directly onto his canvases through observation or from his photographs. Cahills refers to his sketchbook and memory for the feelings that places evoke and makes his paintings by combining images, forms and colours in surrealistic, sometimes almost abstract compositions.

At Braemar Gallery, 104 Macquarie Rd, Springwood until September 9.

On the road

On the road