Help fund Blume Illustrated and promote the creative talents of the Mountains

Illustrator and creative director of Blume Illustrated, Faye Wilson, is seeking help from the Mountains community to launch volume three of the beautiful free magazine.

Faye Wilson said it costs $15,000 just to print and distribute the issue and that’s before she makes anything to pay the many creatives and volunteers on the project, including herself.

So this year she has turned to Pozible and hopes the local community will kick in to ensure the continuation of the magazine.

Blume Illustrated was launched in 2017 as a means of connecting, supporting and promoting Blue Mountains’ illustrators, artists, writers, colleagues and the greater creative community.

Ms Wilson said she has given away 17,000 copies of the magazine so far to fulfill her aim of spreading awareness of the multiple Blue Mountains talents across Australia as well as internationally.

Issue number two was launched in June this year.

Issue number two was launched in June this year.

“We should be using the local creative talents to attract tourists, so they come here not just for the scenery but for the galleries too,” she said.

“The whole reason I started Blume was I am passionate about the quality and the calibre of talent we have here.”

The Pozible campaign runs until November 8 and unless Ms Wilson reaches the $5,000 minimum target, the campaign busts.

“I’ve never done this before and I’m very nervous,” she said.

To contribute (from as little as $2 upwards), see There are opportunities for businesses or other organisations to book a specially designed display ad.

“There are heavily discounted display ads so businesses can get a beautifully designed placement and the good feeling that they are supporting our local creative community.”

People can also write their own posts about why keeping Blume alive is important to them.

“And share, share and share the campaign posts on your social media pages,” Ms Wilson urged.