Emergency services combine for rescue exercise in Springwood | PHOTOS

Blue Mountains emergency services took part in a two-hour rescue and medical training exercise in Springwood on Friday, October 12.

Dubbed “Operation Elmhurst”, the exercise simulated a multi-vehicle accident involving a truck carrying fuel drums, with people trapped and injured.

Springwood Fire and Rescue brigade warned residents ahead of the exercise that it was a simulation. “Do not be alarmed if you see multiple rescue vehicles, ambulances, police and fire engines in the area,” the brigade posted on its Facebook page.

The scenario saw a highway patrol car report there was a strong smell of petrol coming from a crashed car. A truck carrying drums of fuel was also involved with one of the drums having a small leak.

Ambulance paramedics worked to stabilise and treat numerous “patients” while Police Rescue and Fire and Rescue NSW teams cut the side of the car out to allow the safe removal of the “patients”.

An ambulance service helicopter conveyed a critical patient to hospital as part of the exercise. It saw police secure the scene until the arrival of the crash investigation unit. Fire and Rescue crews also stopped a fuel leak in a drum on the small truck and used a detector to ensure the atmosphere was safe.

Police, ambulance, Fire and Rescue NSW Service, and Rural Fire Service crews all took part.

The exercise ensured emergency services work together to achieve an incident action plan and provide the highest level of care and treatment to the persons involved, including transport to hospital.

The exercise was designed to test the skill sets of the individual agencies and to also bolster co-operation and teamwork between the different agencies.

The operation ran from 10.30am-12.30pm.