New year, bigger business

Don't let cash flow issues tie your business down in 2019. Keep growing with an easy to apply for equipment finance loan from LendingPro.
Don't let cash flow issues tie your business down in 2019. Keep growing with an easy to apply for equipment finance loan from LendingPro.

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What will 2019 bring for your business? This New Year you probably see new opportunities and new challenges for your business to navigate. 

You might be looking at ways to take advantage of these opportunities in order to grow your business.

One of the easiest solutions to grow your business is with equipment finance.

What is the benefit of financing my equipment?

It’s simple; the asset you decide on acts as security for the loan meaning your cash flow isn’t tied down in depreciating equipment. 

It also means you can have the tools to take advantage of new opportunities or tackle challenges now in a cost-effective way without having to wait for available cash. 

If your equipment is chosen strategically it will improve processes, performance, productivity or efficiency for your business while paying for itself in delivering growth.

How does it work?

Let’s look at Katherine’s business. She owns a medical supplies business and knows specific pieces of new equipment will help improve her employee’s productivity and enable them to attract new customers. 

Katherine wants to know how much money she’s got to work with so she fills out a two minute application with LendingPro to get instant pre-approval for the amount she’d like to borrow. 

She then finds the assets she’d like to buy and with the assistance of a dedicated equipment finance specialist from LendingPro has a finance solution tailored to her needs from a selection of over 70 competing lenders. 

The new vehicle Katherine owns through equipment finance means she is able to attract a number of new customers and watch on while the new assets pay for themselves. 

What does it mean for your business?

Have a think about your business and ask yourself these questions. 

How does the equipment you use add value to your processes, performance, productivity and efficiency?

Is there room to upgrade your current equipment to keep up with your competitors? 

Are there technological developments in your industry that require new pieces of equipment in order to keep up with the market? 

Or can you see areas for improvement for which equipment will add value to your business? 

Equipment finance is available for every industry and all types of equipment with rates starting from 4.09 per cent. Call LendingPro today on 1300 998 555 or visit

This is advertiser content for LendingPro.

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