Will animals get another voice in NSW Parliament?

Greg Keightley

Greg Keightley

Glenbrook local, Greg Keightley, is standing for the Animal Justice Party in the seat of Blue Mountains in the March state election.

Mr Keightley is a 35-year resident of the Blue Mountains who has been active in environmental, animal rescue and other community-based organisations for over 20 years.

Through this involvement, and with a goal for all to live in a more ethical, compassionate society, he is hoping to be elected to represent the interests of Mountains residents and the local region.

"This City, within a National Park and encompassing a World Heritage Area, remains under constant pressure and increasingly so with urban encroachment into our natural environment, including the impact of a new airport and the threatened raising of the Warragamba Dam wall,” he said.

“We need to retain the unique biodiversity of the Mountains and preserve and protect the region’s native animals and their habitats as a priority. Coexistence with animals is key.

“So many Blue Mountains residents feel that their interests have never been represented by a political candidate. That is certainly how I felt prior to the establishment of the Animal Justice Party in 2009. I believe that standing for the Animal Justice Party gives me the opportunity to speak on behalf of members of our community whose interests extend beyond bricks and mortar and whose concern is for the welfare and wellbeing of not only non-human animals, but people in our community who have been marginalised.”

Mr Keightley said: "A vote for the AJP is a vote for more compassion in the decision-making of government. It can't be just about profits; decision-making needs to be more holistic and inclusive."

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) was established in 2009 to give a political voice to those who have none – to pursue the vital issues of animal protection through Australia’s political system and to encourage political parties to adopt animal-friendly policies.

In 2015 it had its first member of parliament elected to the NSW parliament, Mark Pearson. The party’s goal is to prevent the exploitation of animals and environmental destruction by changing the law. It hopes to stop factory farming, live export, companion and domestic animal abuse, and the exploitation of animals for sport and entertainment. 

AJP lobbies for tougher animal protection laws and increased penalties for convicted animal abusers. It fights for better regulations around the trade of companion animals and advocates for better education and awareness for the treatment of animals.

For more information, please visit nsw.animaljusticeparty.org.