Jazz in the Garden at the Norman Lindsay Gallery

Live jazz enthusiasts, get excited - this jazz extravaganza has a reputation for one of the most chilled out vibes of any other jazz event in Australia.

The Duck: Unforgettable jazz music in the beautiful setting of the Norman Lindsay Gallery.

The Duck: Unforgettable jazz music in the beautiful setting of the Norman Lindsay Gallery.

Fans from all over come to sit on the lawn of the National Trust’s gorgeous Norman Lindsay Gallery, a place filled with fun and vibrancy and in the twilight of a summery February evening the wonderful Galapagos Duck style of jazz brings wit, laughter and a great big thirst for music and enjoyment.

Galapagos Duck brings the tradition of the jazz art form and a consciousness and energy to the music that simply makes you happy and their influences are as diverse as their musical moods.

Five musicians plus super special guest Barry Leef. Leef is one of Australia’s best known voices; he is a legendary singer/rhythm guitarist and an outstanding performer of rock and jazz.

Galapagos Duck began in the late 1960s while the members were engaged in a winter season at the Kosciusko Chalet in Charlottes Pass. Since these humble beginnings, 'The Duck' has become one of the best known jazz bands in Australia.

Although the membership has changed, the direction of the band has always remained the same, to create a performance experience that - while jazz oriented - is able to be appreciated and enjoyed by everybody.

This celebration of Norman Lindsay’s birthday is also a celebration of jazz music at its most diverse and enduring.

If you remember ‘The Duck’ from the 70s or the Chalet or the Basement, gather your family and friends and bring them along to this iconic event at the Norman Lindsay Gallery.

The date is Saturday, February 16. The gates will open at 4pm. Kick back, bring a picnic and a deck chair and enjoy an evening of great music with friends and locals.

A coffee vendor will be on site selling coffee and gelato. Parking and gallery admission is included in the ticket price. Bookings are essential at eventbrite.com.au or facebook.com/FriendsNLG/.

If wet, the event will be moved to a local indoor venue.