Basketballer Izac Tinker selected for AUSA tour to United States

Izac Tinker dreams of playing basketball professionally, and being named on a team to compete in the United States has moved him one step closer to that goal.

The 17-year-old from Valley Heights will play in an AUSA basketball team touring the United States in July.

Being selected on the team was highly competitive. Izac had tried out the previous year and was knocked back, so to make the team this year was a huge achievement.

"I got an email saying that I made it and I was very happy and shocked that I made it to America," Izac said.

He'll spend three weeks in Milwaukee in the US playing other college basketball teams and would like to make an impression so he's considered for a US college basketball scholarship.

A former Winmalee High School student, Izac made the switch to Seda College two years ago for the basketball opportunities.

The school has an affiliation with the Sydney Kings, so Izac often watches the players train and gains tips from players.

Izac has played basketball since he was 10, moving on to Springwood Scorchers under 18 reps, and he's started this season in the youth league with Blacktown Storm to make the most of the coach's US college basketball coaching connections.

Dennis Starsman, Izac's under 18s Springwood Scorchers coach was integral in believing in Izac and encouraging him to try out for the AUSA team.

Izac's mum Claire, was extremely proud of her son, who is on the autism spectrum and was told at age eight he would never be able to swim, tie his shoelaces or ride a bike, and that he’d struggle to play team sports. 

"He has been able to do all of these things and has managed to accomplish astonishing things with basketball," Mrs Tinker said.

"Having such a positive, 'never give up' attitude, paired with a great coach and mentor you can achieve great things".