International visitors continue to flock to the Mountains.

International visitors continue to flock to the Mountains.

Some 120,800 international visitors chose the Blue Mountains in 2018, staying 573,200 nights in the Mountains.

The International Visitor Survey results were released this month by Destination NSW.

The Blue Mountains is regional NSW's fourth top region for international visitors (after the North Coast, the Hunter and the South Coast). The region accounted for 13.9 per cent of visitors, 3.8 per cent of visitor nights and 4.5 per cent of expenditure in Regional NSW for year ending in December last year.

A Destination NSW spokeswoman said the Blue Mountains region "has maintained its position as number four in NSW in terms of number of international visitors. It held the same ranking last year (2017) and a decade ago (2009)".

"Over the past ten years visitors to the Blue Mountains have grown by 75 per cent, nights by 80 per cent and spend by 67 per cent," she added.

Destination NSW CEO Sandra Chipchase said, "In the year ending December 2018 regional NSW received 870,500 visitors who stayed 14.9 million nights and spent $1 billion."

"During this period, regional NSW's share of international visitor nights to regional Australia was the highest on record at nearly 25 per cent.

"Growing tourism in rural and regional NSW is a top priority and we are committed to making sure this industry continues to grow.

"We want to ensure that everyone including local operators, businesses, pubs, cafes and hotels - from the coast to the bush - gets a fair share of the state's tourism boom."