Be transported by the Broadland Trio

Musical journey
Musical journey

Music lovers will be transported around the world when Broadland Trio perform in Lawson on Saturday, April 27, presented by the Friends of the Mechanics Institute.

Pianist Sean Valenzuela, violinist James Gastineau-Hills and guitarist Luke Peterson formed the band while studying jazz performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Valenzuela grew up surrounded by the South American music his Argentinian parents enjoy, and Gastineau-Hills is an experienced performer of Scottish music.

When they formed the Broadland Trio, Valenzuela said, they thought: "Why don't we somehow figure out a way to have both those influences? Let's see if we can combine them."

Bringing Latin American rhythms and grooves together with atmospheric Scottish melodies happened naturally. "It felt very organic," Valenzuela said.

He said Peterson's electric guitar brought "texture" and "sparkle" to the sound of the Broadland Trio.

Valenzuela met Blue Mountains jazz drummer Warren Baker at the Hawkesbury Jazz Club in Richmond. Baker, who is on the committee of the Friends of the Mechanics Institute, Lawson, invited Broadland Trio to perform at the century-old venue.

The concert will include pieces from their album Airs of Places Passed, a musical tribute to places the trio have visited and cultures that have inspired them.

The album is being mixed and will be released this year.

"Every song on this album is named after a place," Valenzuela said. "Part of the show is the stories that go with the songs."

Doors open for Broadland Trio's concert at 7pm on Saturday, April 27. Volunteers from the Friends of the Mechanics Institute, Lawson, will serve drinks and home-cooked food.

Tickets $25 at (click on "Buy tickets" and search for "Broadland Trio") and at the door.

For information visit or phone Warren Baker, 0487 289 346.