Golden 8's power of crocodile oil

It's a product made in Australia from crocodile oil - Golden 8 skincare.

The Telegraph in Britain says research is showing it may aid scaly skin or assist with irritation and eczema.

"Ironic that lurking beneath a crocodile's skin is an oil said to remedy extremely dry skin," the reporter writes.

The crocodile fat going into these beauty cream contains naturally occurring skin healing ingredients - vitamin E, C and A, linoleic acid, oleic acid. The crocodile oil mixes also have jojoba oil, maracuja (or passionfruit seed) oil, olive oil and caprylic/capric triglyceride.

Golden 8 is being marketed by brand ambassador Kaia Wright, who declares it the antidote to "cabin complexion".

Ms Wright, wife of Matt Wright - the star of National Geographic's international adventure Outback Wrangler - is no stranger to airplane travel.

Many hours spent at 33,000 feet means she has become a stickler for a pre-flight and in-flight skincare routine and know what it takes to keep her skin "looking fly", said promoters of the products which claim native crocodile oil has regenerative, healing properties.

The Australian made and owned skincare brand Golden 8 recently released a brand new funky gold travel essential kit (RRP $69.95), containing four of the brands best-selling products in convenient, easy-to-use sizes a hand cream, recovery lip balm, anti-ageing face serum and a soothing barrier cream for irritation (also for nappy rash),

Ms Wright said the in-flight boost helps her step off the plane with bright radiant skin.

"As airplane air is recycled there is little oxygen which is what dehydrates your skin. And the re-use of the same air can also pollute your skin and clog your pores. I love using Golden 8's serum as it is an antioxidant miracle oil that nourishes your skin but also protects it from nasty free radical damage."