Blue Mountains low carbon living program encourages locals to watch reality television

The Blue Mountains Low Carbon Living program that encourages businesses to lower their carbon footprint is now encouraging locals to watch reality television on Tuesday.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Lower Carbon Living Australia has joined forces with Channel 9 to launch the new show,Renovate or Rebuild, streaming live on the Renovate or Rebuild website from noon on Tuesday, May 28.

The cast of Renovate or Rebuild.

The cast of Renovate or Rebuild.

In the show, two teams compete to convince a family who need more space, but love the area they live in, that they have the best solution for creating the home of their dreams, said sustainability expert James McGregor, the CEO of the Blue Tribe Co who also works with the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

"Team Renovate believes that the family should retain the character of their home, renovate and extend to create a modern home. Team Rebuild believe the existing home is a lost cause and the only way to create their dream home is to knock it down and rebuild," he said.

"As the two teams duke it out to come up with the best idea the story will unpack issues like orientation of the home, access to natural light, ventilation, energy efficiency, solar power generation, construction waste and more."

Advice from viewers, hopefully including Blue Mountains locals, will help the teams decide.

The more people who watch the show in the first 48 hours, the better result for the Low Carbon Living program in the Blue Mountains.

The show will promote the new Low Carbon Living carbon calculator tool and national website, highlighting Blue Mountains Low Carbon Living members.