Student Strike 4 Climate protest at Liberal campaign office in Blue Mountains

Student climate change protesters targeted the Springwood office of Liberal candidate for Macquarie, Sarah Richards, at lunchtime today [Friday].

The protest was part of the worldwide School Strike 4 Climate action which calls on all politicians to "take urgent action to stop the climate crisis".

About 25 students from Kindlehill School and Katoomba High School held posters and chanted slogans in the peaceful protest in Macquarie Road. The campaign office was unattended at the time.

The students met Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle earlier in the day.

Ms Doyle said she was was "happy to meet with the students, hear their message about the need for action on climate change and protection of our precious environment".

"The students were invited into my office and I assured them that both I and the Labor Party share a lot of their concerns."

Protest organiser, Meike Edwards of Kindlehill School, said: "Everyone who came today has been to previous School Strike 4 Climate protests. This is a worldwide day of action."


The student action came as counting was still underway in the seat of Macquarie, with Liberal candidate Sarah Richards holding a narrow lead of less than 130 votes over Labor MP Susan Templeman.

Ms Richards came under fire in the election campaign for not answering questions about the environment and climate change.

"No matter what, we are going to fight for climate action because we are in a climate crisis," said Meike.