Collage art at Anala in Glenbrook

Clinton Gorst: Hound Palace, paper collage on painted board.

Clinton Gorst: Hound Palace, paper collage on painted board.

"I only have one chance to cut correctly, that's it."

The practice of a collage artist is fraught with such tensions, said Rose Bay artist Clinton Gorst, whose work is now showing at Anala Art Advisory in Glenbrook.

After careful sourcing, the artist combines sections of rare vintage magazines to create surreal new worlds with a delightfully retro flavour. Hand-scissoring each area with fastidious accuracy the artist glues together a seamless composition, inviting the viewer into a fantastical setting with ever-more intriguing details.

Hound Palace is a playful presentation of two smug hounds as the owners of a grand Baroque palace. We see them humorously seated in their richly decorated hall, surrounded by their art collection of masterpieces casually displayed for all to see. The perfectly irreverent piece for the artistic dog-lover!

Coined by Cubist artists Braque and Picasso, the term "collage" comes from the French word coller, or "to glue". Both Cubist artists and later Surrealists such as Breton employed this cut and paste technique to produce one of a kind assemblages.

The artworks are now available exclusively at Anala Art Advisory at 6 Ross Street, Glenbrook or contact Michael Powe on 0452 586 448.