Winmalee fruit and vegetable store started with a visit to the markets


MARKET MAN: Frank Iaria at the Mt Druitt fruit and vegetable store in 1992.

MARKET MAN: Frank Iaria at the Mt Druitt fruit and vegetable store in 1992.

When Frank Iaria was a boy he used to go to the markets in Sydney to sell the fresh produce they grew at home.

"Like most Italian migrants we were farmers and I used to go with my dad to the Haymarket in the school holidays," Mr Iaria said.

"I thought people that had a fruit shop were pretty special and I asked my father why don't we buy a fruit shop. Well, when I turned 15 he bought our first shop at Mt Druitt and I left school and I have been in the fruit and veg game ever since."

Today Mr Iaria is the owner of Mountain Fresh Growers in Winmalee which he opened in December 2005.

"We opened this store because we thought the Springwood/Winmalee area needed a good fruit market," Mr Iaria said.

"We like the area and people are still very friendly and enjoy cooking. We try and keep our fruit and vegetables fresh and offer good quality at great prices."

Mr Iaria's brother, Charlie, also left school when he turned 15 and they have been in business together for 37 years. "My wife Maria is also a big part of the business as she looks after all groceries and deli lines," he said.

As well as fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers the store sells continental groceries, cheese, deli lines and gluten-free products. There's also fresh bread, nuts and flour and freshly squeezed orange juice.

  • Mountain Fresh Growers is in the Winmalee Village centre, 18/20 White Cross Road, Winmalee or you can phone 4754 4880.