Stacks of The Simpsons memorabilia for sale at Linden in Garage Sale Trail

Greg Bakes has at least 1000 pieces of The Simpsons memorabilia. Everything from blow up Bart dolls to decorated softdrink cans and Simpsons underwear.

The graphic designer became obsessed with The Simpsons in the late 80s, initially because he liked how the characters were drawn.

Next thing his wife Loretta bought him the first Simpsons figurine released in Australia - Bartman - and then every birthday and Christmas his collection would expand, thanks to gifts from family and friends.

But the Linden man's interest went beyond simply collecting.

"I'd ask my daughters to tape episodes of The Simpsons if I wasn't there and then I bought the box sets," Mr Bakes recalled.

Initially his favourite character was Bart.

"But then I had an affinity with Homer - the dad that didn't always get it right," the father of four, said.

He stopped collecting about 10 years ago when he realised he had too much stuff.

Mr Bakes has decided to sell his Simpsons collection, to declutter and generate some spending money for an upcoming international holiday.

He's taking part in the national event, the Garage Sale Trail, on October 19, and will also have blacksmithing tools such as a portable forge and a leg vice, and other bits and pieces for sale.

"There's a lot of stuff not being used," Mr Bakes said.

The garage sale will be held in Morilla Rd, Linden, from 9am on October 19. There will be a host of garage sales happening across the Blue Mountains. For more info visit: