Australia's premier and most genre diverse violinist, and his band

Zohar's Nigun: At Wentworth Falls School of Arts
Zohar's Nigun: At Wentworth Falls School of Arts

Music Hunter and Music in the Mountains team up to co-present this stunning and rare show on Saturday, October 12, at Wentworth Falls School of Arts with Daniel Weltlinger, Australia's premier and most genre diverse violinist, and his band, Zohar's Nigun.

Witness the critically acclaimed new album, Szolnok, live, an event fit for appreciators of both music and history. Zohar's Nigun are: Daniel Weltlinger on violin, Daniel Pliner on piano, Simon Milman on bass and Robbie Avenaim on drums/percussion. The band name loosely translates as "music with depth and soul".

Szolnok is an album that was recorded with and traces in music the true story of Daniel Weltlinger's grandfather's violin from Szolnok that was carried by foot from Hungary to France between 1920-1922.

The violin was literally carried across the entire globe - from Budapest to Vienna to Marseilles to Casablanca to Sydney to Berlin - and the album consists of a mix of mostly original material mixing jazz, classical, folk and free improvised music influences as well as songs that Weltlinger's grandfather played on the violin.

The album follows the historical line of this instrument and its whereabouts until the present day, and represents a story about time, continuity and most importantly about moving forward. It is a story for the ages. This highly unusual and deeply personal album, recorded at Blackbird Studios in Berlin, mixes elements of jazz, free improvisation, classical and folk influences, as well as songs Weltlinger's grandfather performed on the violin.

Zohar's Nigun is an experimental-chamber-jazz project that explores the very essence of the complicated and fractured nature behind what shapes identity in the 21st century using the analogy of four musicians of Jewish heritage who mix both original and traditional music to explore these concepts.

The show is on October 12. Tickers from or purchase at the door from 7.30pm on the night, if not sold out.