Blue Mountains calendar celebrates 20 years of World Heritage listing

Ian Brown has always thought of his Wild Blue Mountains Calendar as "soft diplomacy" - low-key advocacy for the region's remarkable beauty and diversity.

Not any more.

He said the time for pussy-footing around the environment is over.

"We face an environmental crisis on so many fronts. The Blue Mountains is one of the most important conservation areas in Australia and vital for our future.

"As a nature photographer I see worrying changes every time I go out, and the region is beset by many new threats. We have to make protection the priority," said Mr Brown.

Next year will mark 20 years since the Greater Blue Mountains won World Heritage status. Mr Brown said it would be wonderful to see some action in 2020 to extend and improve that protection, rather than winding it back.

"For instance, conservation groups have long campaigned to have the amazing landscape and ecology of the Gardens of Stone in the western Blue Mountains protected. The 2020 calendar includes four images from this area which I hope might help the cause."

Other images range across the Blue Mountains, from the Grose Valley, Jamison Valley, Wollemi National Park, Kowmung River and Capertee Valley.

The 2020 Wild Blue Mountains Calendar is available from selected local stores and direct from Windy Cliff Press (4787 1420). To see the calendar visit