Ruined Castle bushfire spreading towards Cliff Drive area

TUESDAY 9AM: The Ruined Castle fire near Katoomba has been downgraded to advice alert level after fire activity eased overnight.

The RFS stated the fire is still slowly spreading in a northerly direction towards the area of Cliff Drive, Katoomba.

"The fire also continues to spread in an easterly direction through the valley. Firefighters and aircraft have been working to slow the spread of the fire," the RFS posted.

MONDAY 2.20PM: All council bushland reserves south of the Great Western Highway, between Narrow Neck Road, Katoomba and Tablelands Road, Wentworth Falls, have been temporarily closed due to bushfire risk.

This includes: Landslide Lookout, Cyclorama Point, Malaita Point, Eaglehawk Lookout, Katoomba Falls, Cliffview Lookout, Honeymoon Lookout, Leura Cascades, Olympian and Elysian Rock, Sublime Point and Lincolns Rock.

Echo Point is open for now,but this may change later today.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) also has extensive closures in the area.

Mayor Mark Greenhill said it's important for the community to remain vigilant.

"The Ruined Castle bush fire continues to burn in the Jamison Valley, Cedar Creek and Narrow Neck Plateau areas today. Firefighters have been working hard to slow the spread of the fire through the valley.

"Listen to the advice we are being given by emergency services. Be alert. Follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan."

"To our emergency services workers, I express the gratitude of our community."

MONDAY 11AM: The bushfire at Ruined Castle has been upgraded to 'watch and act' advice level and is expected to reach the Cliff Drive area today.

"The fire is slowly spreading in a northerly direction towards the area of Cliff Drive. The fire is expected to reach the Cliff Drive area today. Firefighters are working in this area," the RFS posted at 10.44am.

Blue Mountains mayor Mark Greenhill said: "Earlier today I attended an operational briefing at fire control.

"Cliff Drive is closed to all except residents and emergency services... For residents in the immediate area, it is essential that you are alert to the situation.

"Please keep your eye on Fires Near Me, listen to ABC local radio and be alert to any directions from emergency services.

"Keep your bushfire survival plan front of mind. Our emergency services, like police and RFS, will advise residents if needed and are extremely prepared."

MONDAY 8AM: A bushfire at Ruined Castle near Katoomba was downgraded to advice level on Sunday night (December 1).

But people near Cliff Drive, Katoomba were being advised by the NSW Rural Fire Service to monitor conditions in case the situation changes.

Cliff Drive was closed between Acacia Street and Peckmans Road, the RFS reported at 7.54am on Monday. People were advised to follow the direction of emergency services personnel in the area

Firefighters and aircraft worked over the weekend to slow the spread of the fire.

"The fire is still burning in a northerly direction due to the terrain, towards the area of Cliff Drive. While there is no immediate threat to homes in this area, residents should monitor the conditions. Firefighters are working in this area," the RFS stated on Monday morning.

For updated visit, or call the NSW RFS Bush Fire Information Line on 1800 679 737.