Hospital welcome a big positive at Katoomba

Staff at Katoomba hospital have scored a rare 100 per cent positive result in the most recent survey of admitted patients.

The 2019 survey reported that every single adult person admitted to the hospital found that staff were always polite and courteous when they arrived.

The survey, released today (October 21) by the Bureau of Health Information, canvassed the views of 238 hospital admissions at Katoomba in 2019.

The overall care was rated very good by 77 per cent of the patients. Across the state the figure was 67 per cent and at Nepean Hospital, it was 60 per cent.

Asked to rate the professionals who treated them, 93 per cent believed the doctors were either very good or good, and 96 per cent rated nurses in those categories.

Of the 21,581 patients state-wide, only five per cent said they would be critical of their care; 77 per cent would speak highly of their experience with 18 per cent neither positive nor negative.

At Katoomba, 77 per cent would speak highly, with three per cent critical. At Nepean, it was 74 per cent and 6 per cent.

One area of improvement at Katoomba since the 2018 survey was in availability of experts. When asked, if you needed to talk to a doctor, did you get the opportunity to do so, 64 per cent said always. In 2018, that figure was 57 per cent.

And asked about opportunities to talk to a nurse, 83 per cent replied always, compared with 79 per cent in the previous year.

Even the food at Katoomba has improved, with 19 per cent of patients rating it very good, a slight improvement on 2018's 17 per cent.

The report is available here. Click on the Healthcare Observer tab to break the answers down by hospital.