Zoom talk on post bushfire efforts

The Blue Mountains Conservation Society is holding a number of online talks and presentations, the first of which will be an online interactive talk with David Crust, National Parks and Wildlife Services Director for the Blue Mountains.

Mr Crust will present on NPWS's post fire recovery work in our national parks, as well as preparations for the upcoming fire season. This will be followed by questions from public which have been submitted beforehand

Brush-tailed rock wallaby, one of the many threatened species found in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Photo: Ian Brown

Brush-tailed rock wallaby, one of the many threatened species found in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Photo: Ian Brown

"Our national parks suffered immense impacts after the unprecedented fires of 2019-20," said society president, Tara Cameron.

"The 2019-20 fires burnt over 65 per cent (698,000 hectares) of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. It is estimated that over 116 million animals, birds and reptiles were impacted."

The NPWS is now facing multiple challenges post the fires, including dealing with damage and impacts following the heavy rains earlier this year. Topics covered will include:

  • What initiatives are underway to assist recovery of wildlife and special habitats, such as heaths and swamps;
  • Specific species recovery efforts such as for the Wollemi pines, the translocation of koalas and supplementary feeding of brush-tail rock wallabies from helicopters;
  • Details of post fires recovery projects funded by the state and federal governments specifically for national parks in the Blue Mountains region;
  • Information on how the public can help our national parks and wildlife to recover.

The talk will also include an update on the outcomes of the independent NSW Bushfire Inquiry, which examined the causes, preparation and response to the devastating 2019-20 bushfires.

"The Society made a detailed submission to the Inquiry", said Ms Cameron. "We understand all 76 recommendations of the Inquiry have been accepted in principle by the NSW government."

Mr Crust will also provide information on NPWS Blue Mountains preparations for the upcoming 20/21 fire season.

"We know there is strong community interest in post bushfire recovery efforts and bushfire management. The talk is open to anyone and is free to attend," said Ms Cameron.

The online talk is at 4-5pm on Sunday, November 1. Participants must register by COB on October 30 by sending an email to gos@bluemountains.org.au with their name and email address. Participants will receive a Zoom video link to be part of the event.

Participants are also encouraged to submit questions for the presenter. Please submit questions by COB on October 30 to the same email address. For more information go to the Society website at www.bluemountains.org.