Orson and Blake comes to Wentworth Falls

It was a designer brand started in 1992 offering textiles, art and homewares under one roof - a shopping destination. And now it's in the landmark position, gracing the entrance to the Wentworth Falls shops.

The Falls Store by Orson and Blake opened on November 7, replacing the decades long and popular Rotate antiques store on the heritage corner of the entrance to town.

The 1914 Anderson building is on the inventory of state heritage buildings with the Office of Environment and Heritage. At ground floor level the building has retained its early shopfront, with ceramic tiles, entry porches, display windows and highlight glazing. "It plays a major part in defining the character of the townscape at the intersection of Station Street and the Great Western Highway," the report into its heritage states.

Founders Debra Wunderlich and David Heimann said the corner position, and the special interior space inside, was just too good an opportunity to pass by for their gallery-like emporium.

The Falls Store is being marketed as a location for lifestyle merchants, homewares and fashion - a little bit modern, vintage, natural and eclectic. The store is full of vintage treasures, as well as items like kaftans, comfy pants, ceramics, lights, soaps and hand poured candles in crystal bowls.

Heimann said their "soulful edit of goods for authentic interiors and every day living" has had a very warm reception.

"It's a vision for the home and self that feels deeply connected to nature. We give a curated selection of items to enhance our well being and bring beauty to every day life. We are already feeling at home in the Mountains," he said.

The pair has 30 years industry experience but Heimann is best known for his previous venture, as co-founder [with his mum] of Orson and Blake. He still runs Orson and Blake as a consultancy service.

Orson and Blake shut their urban stores four years ago.

They "flipped" this store in six weeks," Ms Wunderlich said.

"After finding the incredible 1914 corner site building and falling madly in love with its structure and ornate ceilings - we wanted to bring the old girl to life with a lick of fresh paint and revive the charming original timber floor," Mr Heimann said.

"We spent six weeks working with fabulous local trade people to refresh an already handsome space into what we think is a humble home with a glorious old world spirit - filled with treasure. The site is enhanced, but really most details are left as we found it - in respect of its colourful history.

"Wentworth Falls is a charming village with an authentic Mountains feeling that spoke to us both. The appeal of the old buildings, the already established interesting retailers there, the great food and coffee offer and general friendly casual vibe - we fell in love with it all."

Ms Wunderlich has a background in beauty, yoga and accessory design and brings "valuable knowledge to the intrinsic nature and spirit of the store's collection," he said. The pair offer a design service and "destination shopping experience".

The store is at 1-3 Station Street and open Monday to Saturdays from 9.30-5pm and Sundays from 10-4pm. The online store will launch in the new year and they hope to work with local artists and makers and welcome ideas from the community.