Chance for a movie star moment in Katoomba

Fancy a stint in a Katoomba-based TV horror series? An American series has relocated here as part of the COVID creative production boom in Australia and talent scouts are now scouring the Blue Mountains for movie extras for "bit parts" over the next six months.

Debbie Leigh Mitchell of Winmalee, who is the head talent agent from On Cue Talent Agency, said she is "super excited a new huge TV series will be filmed in the Blue Mountains shortly".

"This is going to be a huge production, the biggest we have ever filmed in the Mountains before. It's going to be huge for our economy, for getting local people in a production, so they can see themselves on a big screen. They can see movie making up close with some big stars."

Ms Mitchell is looking for background extras "the every day person you see down in Coles".

Debbie Leigh Mitchell pictured with a band Ten Thousand at Katoomba.

Debbie Leigh Mitchell pictured with a band Ten Thousand at Katoomba.

The work is paid as per the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance rates and no experience is necessary.

"Extras are a crucial part to making a scene look realistic ... it's like being a walking prop and it's easy to do."

Her casting call has attracted about 80 applicants so far, but she needs thousands.

When the casting call was first posted on social media, one wag, Brian Talmage, asked whether there was "any need for a less than average looking, middle-aged white guy? I can play any role as long as the character is cranky, irritating and opinionated."

Ms Mitchell said: "We are looking for all ages, sizes and personalities". The series will be filmed until June in Sydney, Blue Mountains (particularly Katoomba), the Central Coast and near Bathurst. They are hiring locals in each area.

"It was originally meant to be filmed in the US. However, due to the federal government investing millions to lure overseas productions, this series will be filmed right here. As well as bringing big-name foreign actors, some of Australia's biggest names will star in this series."

Non-disclosure agreements prevented her from revealing the "big name" actors who have already signed on.

Wannabe actors have been warned a large number of scenes depict extreme violence, guns and other weapons, showing simulated murder and death.

"While these actions will be performed by qualified stunt actors, the make-up and effects will contain blood and special effect gore to make the scenes as believable as possible. If you are sensitive to any of these subjects, or if they may trigger any past events or fears, please do not apply."

Wentworth, Underbelly, The Preacher (DC Comics) and Lion are just some of the earlier productions the company has been involved with. The first round of casting closed in early January, but more talent is being sought for the coming months.

Ms Mitchell said she has been busier than ever during COVID.

"During COVID we were the only place in the world still filming ... commercials from around the world ... we were flat out. In December last year we had 21 feature films and 27 TV series in production that we were submitting talent for."

A home made video on your smart phone is requested as part of the application if you want an action role.